BC 007 currently still in development and needs to get approval.

The goal of Berlin Cures, is to make BC 007 available on the market as fast as ever possible for LCS-patients and, in parallel, to successfully complete all clinical studies for heart failure.


Are you interested in having your blood tested for autoantibodies?

Currently, Berlin Cures is getting the Lab prepared for study-related analytic tests. Therefore, effective immediately, Berlin Cures will no longer accept incoming specimens for the measurement of autoantibodies. Please do NOT send us specimens. Thank you for your understanding.

Wir stellen unser Labor um auf kommende Aufgaben, die mit klinischen Studien im Zusammenhang stehen. Daher können wir ab sofort keine Blutproben zur Autoantikörperbestimmung mehr annehmen. Bitte senden Sie uns kein Serum zu. Wir danken für Ihr Verständnis

When will BC 007 be available?

You can find the roadmap of BC 007 in our Section „BC 007 Pipeline and the lastest news in the category „News & Press“.

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