BC 007 –
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Berlin Cures is a clinical stage company at the forefront of developing novel aptamer-based therapeutics for the treatment of diseases associated with pathological functional autoantibodies.

Phase II trial: Recruitment completed – Initial results expected in Q4 More Information Phase-II-Studie: Rekrutierung abgeschlossen – Erste Ergebnisse in Q4 2024 erwartet
About us

Berlin Cures is home to an unrivaled platform technology established around „BC 007“, a novel drug which has the potential to revolutionize the treatment of a number of incurable diseases caused by pathogenic functional autoantibodies (fAABs).

Our missionTo develop unique therapeutics that neutralize functional autoantibodies based on our aptamer platform technology.

Our visionTo become a world leader in the development of safe and effective therapeutics that address the root cause of diseases caused by the presence of functional autoantibodies.

BC 007 platform technology

Our Technology

Our technology platform centres on the development of DNA aptamers which are short, single-stranded artificial DNA molecules designed to specifically bind to a particular target molecule or a family of target molecules. They function similarly to antibodies in terms of their binding specificity and are often made of DNA. This distinction can make aptamers advantageous over antibodies in certain applications.

BC 007 is a DNA-based aptamer that can selectively neutralize pathogenic functional autoantibodies (fAABs) in a highly efficient and long-lasting manner.


Heart Failure

Results from a controlled Phase IIa clinical study in subjects with heart failure demonstrated that treatment with BC 007 resulted in a clear and clinically meaningful improvement in their heart ejection fraction. Furthermore, long-lasting neutralization of functional autoantibodies of more than 12 months was observed following treatment. Encouraged by these clinical observations, Berlin Cures plans to conduct a Phase IIb in subjects with advanced heart failure.

Heart Failure

Long Covid Syndrome (LCS)

Long COVID is a condition characterized by the persistence of various symptoms after the acute phase of COVID-19 infection. Functional autoantibodies have been detected in Long COVID patients in a significant proportion of affected individuals and their presence has been associated with the persistence of symptoms.

Subjects with Long COVID were treated with BC 007 on a named basis with profound results. Within days all subjects observed a dramatic improvement in symptoms and some have remained symptom-free. BC 007 is currently in Phase II clinical trial in subjects with Long COVID.

More about LCS

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