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Berlin Cures Holding AG is a Swiss company founded in 2014 with a subsidiary in Berlin, Germany. From its inception, the aim of the company has been and still is to bring a successful and groundbreaking research project to the market.

A group of scientists from the Max Delbrück Center (MDC), the Charité Berlin, and the German Heart Institute Berlin had been studying the pathogenetic significance of functional autoantibodies that bind to G protein-coupled receptors in a variety of different diseases with an initial focus on heart failure (Wallukat et al 1987).

They identified a compound (the oligonucleotide BC 007) to neutralize these autoantibodies. After a successfully completed phase I trial, in a phase IIa clinical trial, BC 007 was shown to neutralize autoantibodies in patients with advanced heart failure.

Since the development of functional autoantibodies directed against G protein-coupled receptors can most likely be attributed to viral infections in general, in the combat of the sequelae of the pandemic of Covid-19 it was obvious to search for these autoantibodies in patients with Long Covid Syndrome (LCS). In more than 90% of the patients, a particular pattern of autoantibodies has been detected (Wallukat et al. 2021).

At the University Hospital of the University of Erlangen (Germany), 4 individual patients with an extremely pronounced LCS were treated with BC 007 under compassionate use conditions justified by an emergency. All patients recovered after a single infusion with BC 007 to such an extent that one could almost speak of a cure.A double-blind randomized clinical trial is now underway to confirm the findings obtained with these initial patients. 

To offer relief through the Curative Potential of BC 007

To medically treat diseases associated with the existence of functional pathological autoantibodies against G protein-coupled receptors.

A Dedicated Group of Bold Thinkers 

The Berlin Cures Core Team comprises well-known industry experts, experienced strategists and key scientists who are scientifically renowned specialists concerning the neutralization of pathogenic autoantibodies.

Board of Directors

Founder and Member of the Board

Dr. Johannes Hartwig Müller,
M.D., MEng.

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Chief Executive Officer, Member of the Board

Marko Bagaric

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Chairman of the Board

Dr. Ulf Berg,

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Board Member

Dr. Rainer Boehm

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Core Team

Chief Operating Officer

Dr. Peter Göttel,

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Dr. Gerd Wallukat,

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Director of Regulatory Affairs

Dr. Annekathrin Haberland,

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