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Heart Failure Treatment from Berlin Cures Shows Promise in Phase I Study.


BC 007 was successfully used for the treatment of a Long Covid Patient.


Functional autoantibodies against G protein-coupled receptors in patients with persistent Long-COVID-19 symptoms.


A Three-Part, Randomised Study to Investigate the Safety, Tolerability, Pharmacokinetics and Mode of Action of BC 007.


The DNA-Based Drug BC 007 neutralizes agonistically acting autoantibodies directed against G protein-coupled receptors.


Berlin Cures’ Steering Committee is Assembled to Facilitate the Design and Implementation of Phase II Study of BC 007.


Characterization of Aptamer BC 007 Substance and Product Using Circular Dichroism and Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy.


Berlin Cures Announces Formation of Scientific Advisory Board.

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Media Coverage
Sat 1

The University Hospital in Erlangen believes it may have found a drug against Long Covid.

ZDF Nachrichten

Doctors have succeeded in doing something that has never been done before: four Long Covid patients could be cured by administering a heart drug that has not yet been approved.

20 Minuten

Has there been a breakthrough in the treatment of Long Covid?

SRF Bericht

Successful therapy trials in Erlangen raise great hope for the treatment of Long Covid.


Tagesschau reports on the treatment of long term effects of Corona.

SRF Bericht LCS

A new drug raises hope for Long Covid.


Interesting interview with neurologist Michael Stingl on the treatment of Long Covid.


Long Covid patients are on the road to recovery thanks to the drug BC 007.

PZ Zeitung

A Long Covid patient is cured thanks to the drug BC 007 from the start-up Berlin Cures.

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