The DNA-Based Drug BC 007 neutralizes agonistically acting autoantibodies directed against G protein-coupled receptors.

Zug, Switzerland, and Berlin, Germany, 25 June 2019

Müller et al. (2019) The DNA-Based Drug BC 007 Neutralizes Agonistically Acting Autoantibodies Directed Against G Protein-Coupled Receptors – Successful Mode of Action Demonstrated in Clinical Phase I Trial. 

Autoimmunity has been shown to be the pathogenic driver in a variety of diseases whose causes were previously unknown. When agonistic autoantibodies which activate G protein–coupled receptors (GPCR-AAb) are present, they damage primarily the heart and the vascular system. For example, autoantibodies that activate ð1-adrenoceptors can cause dilated cardiomyopathy, leading to heart failure. Removal of GPCR-AAbs by immunoadsorption has already demonstrated a very beneficial effect. .

However, despite its therapeutic success, immunoadsorption has not become a widely accepted therapeutic option. BC 007, a nonmodified DNA aptamer that can neutralize GPCR-AAbs after infusion, is the first applicable alternative for treating the cause of GPCR-AAb–induced diseases. Here we report the successful neutralization of various GPCR-AAbs in autoantibody-positive, healthy elderly volunteers in the framework of phase I safety and tolerability testing.

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